Visual Studies Affiliated Faculty


Esra Akcan, Urban Renewal, Architectural Photography

Luben Dimcheff, Visual Representation and Drawing in Architecture

Jeremy Foster, Landscape architecture and visual culture

Werner Goerher, Design and Urbanism

Samia Henni, Architecture of Counterrevolution, Algeria

Leslie Lok, Visual Representation, Urbanism, Speculative Projects

Aleksandr Mergold, Repurposed Materials in Construction

Jenny Sabin, Architectural Technology

Mary Woods, Photography and the Built Environment

John Zissovici, Digital Architectural Media, Imagescape Urbanism

Sasa Zivkovic, Visual Representation, Robotic Construction Technology


Michael Ashkin, Photography

Roberto Bertoia, Sculpture

Elisabeth Meyer, Painting and Printmaking

Carl Ostendarp, Painting and Drawing

Maria Park, Public Art

Stan Taft, Painting and Drawing

Dan Torop, Photography and Video

Africana Studies

Riché Richardson, African American Literature


Natasha Raheja, Ethnographic Filmmaking


Courtney Roby, verbal and visual representations of ancient science

Verity Platt, Greek and Roman art

Asian Studies

Brett de Bary, Japanese Film

Arnika Fuhrmann, Southeast Asia and Media Theory Classics

Comparative Literature

Anindita Banerjee, Science Fiction Film and Television

Debra Ann Castillo, Hispanic Theater Production

Parisa Vasiri, Iranian Visual Culture and Film

Fiber Science and Apparel Design

Fatma Baytar, 3D Bodyscanning and Apparel Prototyping

Denise Green, Ethnography and Textile Production

Literatures in English

Jeremy Braddock, Media Studies

Ella Diaz, Latino/Chicano Visual Cultures

Jane Juffer, Pornography

Naminata Diabate, African and Global Cinema

Shirley Samuels, American art and visual culture

Tim Murray, Media Arts

Derrick Spires, Black Print Culture

Chelsea Frazier, Black visual culture


Erik Born, German Film

Patrizia McBride, Film

Geoffrey Carter Waite, Film and Video


Roger Moseley, Video Games

Judith Peraino, Rock and Punk

Near Eastern Studies

Deborah Starr, Middle Eastern Cinema

Performance and Media Arts

Christine Bacareza Balance, Filipino media

Austin Bunn, Screenwriting and Playwriting

David Feldshuh, Theater and Playwriting

Sabine Haenni, Cinema

Jeffrey Palmer, Indigenous filmmaking

Nick Salvato, Television, Kitcsch

Amy Villarejo, Cinema and Television, Queer Theory

Samantha Noelle Sheppard, Black Cinema, Sports Films, TV

Sara Warner, Performance Art


Nico Silins, Philosophy of Perception


James Cutting, Perception, Cognition, Film History

David J. Field, Visual Perception

Romance Studies

Patricia Keller, Film, Photography

Timothy C. Campbell, Cinema, Italian Visual Culture

Pedro Erber, Brazilian and Japanese Art

Irina Troconis, Venezuelan lit, film, and performance

Karen Pinkus, Italian Cinema

Science and Technology Studies

Phoebe Sengers, Social Technologies