Recent PhD Dissertations


Salazar, Constanza, "Embodied Digital Dissent: Co-opting and Transforming Technology in Art, 1990-present" (Cornell University, Maria Fernandez)

Plant, Jessica, "Stucco as a Transformative Medium in Roman Antiquity (ca. 200 BCE - 700 CE)" (Cornell University, Ben Anderson)


Garzon, Sara, "Transhistorical Horizons: Contesting the Colonial Past in Contemporary Latin American Art" (Cornell University, Ananda Cohen-Aponte)

Fresko Madra, Lara, "Historiography and Heterochronic Imagination in Contemporary Art from Turkey (1990-present)" (Cornell University, Esra Akcan and Iftikhar Dadi)

van Haaften-Schick, Lauren, "Collaboration, Critique, and Reform in Art and Law: Origins and Afterlives of the 'Artist's Contract' (1971)" (Cornell University, Cheryl Finley)


Menevse, Asli, "Monuments on Paper: Radical French Printmakers and the Critique of Authority (1871-1914)" (Cornell University, Laura Meixner & Ben Anderson)

Rahadiningtyas, Anissa, "Islam and Art in the Makings of the Modern in Indonesia" (Cornell University, Kaja McGowan)

Shirazi, Sadia, "Fugitive Abstraction: Zarina, Mohamedi and Lala Rukh" (Cornell University, Iftikhar Dadi)


HensellekBetty, "The Age of the Polychrome Kaftan: Sartorial Systems of Central Eurasia (400-900 CE)" (Cornell University, Benjamin Anderson)

Emrich-Rougé, Elizabeth, "Printing Art: An Expanded History of Modern Woodblock Printmaking in Republican-Era China" (Cornell University, An-yi Pan)

Tally-Schumacher, Kaja, "Cultivating Empire in Ancient Roman Gardens: Unearthing the Tangled Relationship between Plants and Their Gardeners" (Cornell University, Annetta Alexandridis)


Ding, Yuhua, "Chamber with Winds and Rains: On the Collecting Practice of Deng Shi and His Contemporaries" (Cornell University, An-Yi Pan)

Fletcher, Kanitra, "EN (AVANT) GARDE!: BLACK AMERICAN ARTISTS FOR AND AGAINST BLACK AESTHETICS, 1925-1975" (Cornell University, Cheryl Finley)

Ryan, Hannah, "Liquid Gold: Lactation as Labor and Human Milk as Commodity in Transatlantic Visual Culture" (Cornell University, Cheryl Finley)


Di Pietrantonio, Natalia, "Erotic Visions: Poetry, Literature, and Book Arts from Avadh, 1754–1857" (Cornell University, I. Dadi; K. McGowan)


Bissonauth, Natasha, "Play at the Turn of the Millennium: Reframing South Asian Diasporic Art (1980s - present)" (Cornell University, I. Dadi)

Streahle,Kristen, "Crafting Nobility in Trecento Sicily: The Painted Ceiling of the Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri" (Cornell University, C. Robinson)

Ehrlich, Victoria Heidy, "I Modelli di Virtu: Mythological Heroes in the Art of Fifteenth-Century Florence" (Cornell University, C.Lazzaro)


Corey, Pamela Nguyen, "The Artist in the City: Contemporary Art as Urban Intervention in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia" (Cornell University, K. McGowan)

Webb-Binder, Bernida Anne, "Affinities and Affiliations: Black Pacific Art in the United States and New Zealand, 1948-2008" (Cornell University, C. Finley)

Powers, Holiday, "Moroccan Modernism and its Transnational Alliances: The Casablanca School" (Cornell University, S. Hassan)


Gallart-Marques, Frances, “The Coroplastic Art from Sardis: Emergence and Development of Local Traditions” (A. Ramage)

Kumar, Brinda, Kumar, Brinda, “Of Networks and Narratives: Collecting Indian Art in America, 1907-1972” (I. Dadi)


Chubb, Taryn, "Preaching to the Masses: The Visual Presence of the Dominican Order in Valencia, 1350-1500" (C. Robinson)

Cook, Kelly, "Power Play: Grotesque Ornament and the Art of Political Persuasion in Early Modern France" (C. Lazzaro)

Gilvin, Amanda, "The Warp of a Nation: The Exhibition and Circulation of Nigerien Art, 1920-Present" (C. Finley)

Lokhandwala, Arshiya, "Postcolonial Palimpsests: Historicizing Biennales and Large-Scale Exhibitions in a Global Age" (S. Hassan)

Noonsuk, Wannasarn, "Archaeology and Cultural Geography of Tambralinga in Peninsular Siam" (K. McGowan)

Pederson, Claudia, "Gaming the System" (M. Fernandez)


Nakamori, Yasufumi, "Imagined City: Architecture, Photography, and Interdisciplinary Practice from the 1960's Japan" (I. Dadi)

Yoo, Hyejong, "The Quest for Legitimate Modernity with the People: Minjung Misul in the 1980s" (A. Pan)


Rath, Amanda, "Contextualizing Contemporary Art: Propositions of Critical Artistic Practice in Seni Rupa Kontemporer in Indonesia” (K. McGowan)

James, Soumya, “Political Manipulation of Religious Imagery in Chola and Khmer Interactions: An Integrated Approach to Charting Past and Present Exchanges” (K. McGowan)

Kelley, Emily, "Piety and the Merchant Patron: A Case Study of Merchant Patronage in Early Sixteenth Century Burgos" (C. Robinson)


Giorgis, Elizabeth, “Ethiopian Modernism: A Subaltern Perspective” (S. Hassan)

Nankov, Emil, "Phrouria Lokrika: Aspects of Military Presence in Hellenistic Opountian Lokris" (A. Ramage)


Sapirstein, Philip, “The Emergence of Ceramic Roofing Technology in Archaic Greek Architecture” (A. Ramage)

Werts, Julia Kim, " Imperial Vogue: Photography and the Fashioning of Modernity in Twentieth Century Ethiopia" (S. Hassan)

Corso, John, “A Visual Studies Approach to Critical Historiography” (M. Fernandez)


Richards, Elizabeth, “Fabrics in Modern and Contemporary America Art: Unraveling Threads of Discourse" (J. Bernstock)

Murray, Soraya, “New Media Anxiety: Art History and the Problem of Modern Technology" (S. Hassan)


Yang, Shin-Yi; “Socialism, Globalism, Sabotage: Their Representation and Purposes in the Works of Four Contemporary Chinese Artists: Xu Bing, Zhang Peili, Yang Zhenzhong, and Playful and Xu Zhen” (J. Bernstock) 

Foley, Jennifer Lee, “Discovering Cambodia: Views of Angkor in French Colonial Cambodia (1863-1954)” (K. McGowan)


Boedo, Sharon Lindahl, "Reception and Membership at the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, 1648-1793" (E. Dotson)

Murray, Derek; “Canon as Constellation: Identity and Canon Formation in American Art Historical Discourses” (S. Hassan)