Ananda Cohen-Aponte awarded a Getty Fellowship for 2024-2025

Ananda Cohen-Aponte was named a Getty Scholar for the 2024-2025 annual theme of Extinction to support the completion of her book, Insurgent Imaginaries: The Art of Rebellion in the Late Colonial Andes. The Getty Scholars Program supports researchers in advancing knowledge of the arts and humanities and producing cutting-edge scholarship that contributes to the understanding and preservation of cultural heritage. While in residence, scholars have the opportunity to spend significant time at one of the world’s premier art history collections while contributing to an international community committed to intellectual exploration and exchange.

Insurgent Imaginaries will be the first art historical study of the Tupac Amaru Rebellion and the constellation of interrelated anti-colonial uprisings that erupted in the central and southern Andes during the last quarter of the eighteenth century, considering the role of paintings, material culture, ephemera, and performance in the articulation of an anti-colonial imaginary.

Ananda Cohen-Aponte is Associate Professor in History of Art, with affiliations in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Latinx Studies.

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