Alice Clinch

Ph.D. Student in History of Art


Alice’s research focuses on the art and architecture of the Mediterranean world, looking at how materials and design inform human interactions, memory and experience in domestic, religious and civic contexts.

Her MA thesis investigated domestic decoration and wall plaster from Stymphalos, Greece and was awarded the departmental prize by the University of Warwick. This has prompted further research and fieldwork into the scientific analysis of wall plaster and pigments to enhance our understanding of the material aspects of the ancient world, and how colour acts as a conduit through which to comprehend larger social and trade interactions.

Alice spent two years at the British School at Athens, working with the museum, library and archives collection (2015-2017). She has conducted fieldwork with the British School at Athens, Canadian Institute in Greece, Finnish Institute at Athens and Finnish Institute at Rome, where she has primarily worked with architecture and associated ornamentation and decoration. Most recently she has been involved with the Stymphalos Project, Olynthos Excavation Project and the Cambridge Keros Project. Alice has also worked at the managerial level in contemporary architecture, as well as holding previous roles in museums and heritage management in the UK and Greece.

Further research interests include modern architecture and urban development, phenomenology and ecology.