Visual Studies Undergraduate Minor Application


You will need your Visual Studies advisor’s signature, this form, and your transcript.

Please send to Sarah Blitz (slb343), Administrative Assistant, GM08 Goldwin Smith Hall for review by Prof. Moisey, Director of Visual Studies.

Semester, year

Requirements for the minor include:

● The core course, Introduction to Visual Studies (VISST 2000), which introduces students to critical thinking about visual studies as well as close textual analysis in social and historical contexts.

● One Practice course; these are typically courses that combine some kind of “hands on” practice component (such as: performance, art, curating, film, dance, or music) with some theory behind the practice.  Only two Practice courses may count towards the requirements.

● Three additional courses at the 3000 level or above. No more than two courses from the minor may be double-counted toward a student's major.  All courses must be taken for a letter grade and receive a grade of B – or above.

Please indicate the semester/year you completed or plan to complete these courses:

Semester Completed Year Completed
Semester Completed Year Completed
Course # and Title Semester Year
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