Antler & Bone Carving- Haudenosaunee Tools, Ornamentation & Art 11.8.22

Visual Culture Colloquium

Hayden Haynes

November 8, 2022, 4:45pm

Goldwin Smith Hall G22, reception to follow

Antler & Bone Carving- Haudenosaunee Tools, Ornamentation & Art


Bone and antler are significant to Haudenosaunee stories and peoples; however, these media remain marginalized in discussions of Haudenosaunee art. Consequently, contemporary artists and makers find it difficult to revive the use of bone and antler in their practices. In this talk, Hayden Haynes will survey and discuss the trajectory of Haudenosaunee bone and antler uses, beginning with prehistoric tools and ornaments, moving into the emergence of decorative Seneca combs, and concluding with the reactivation of antler work in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Throughout, Haynes will detail the influences of trade and systems of oppression upon this art form

Hayden Haynes, a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, is an antler carver, mixed media artist, and photographer. His work is a blend of past and present Seneca-Haudenosaunee culture. In addition, he strives to highlight contemporary issues that modern Indigenous peoples face while celebrating Indigenous peoples strengths. His work pushes the boundaries of what is considered Native American art. 


"Reclaim What's Ours," Collaboration with Hayden Hayne's "A Message From Our Ancestors" necklace, Model: Nicole Seneca, 35mm film photography by Olivia Maybee, Seneca-Deer Clan, 2022

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