The Africa Institute, directed by Cornell History of Art Professor Salah Hassan, opens the third edition of the annual country-focused season highlighting Africa's Indian Ocean Islands on December 15, 2022

"Reimagining Mobilities/Immobilities in the Indian Ocean," will be the first of four multi-disciplinary conferences as part of the larger theme, "Thinking the Archipelago: Africa’s Indian Ocean Islands" for 2022-2023.

Starting in Fall 2022, this season will highlight the multitudinous forces shaping Africa’s Indian Ocean rim, including overlapping forms of circulation, mobility, cultural production, ecological change, and cosmopolitanism through the lens of Africa’s islands. Indian Ocean relations have transformed over time, in each instance revealing complex, changing processes of engagement and translation. Diverse travel and migratory waves have enriched poetry, art, literature, religion, and economic exchange along the Indian Ocean’s shores. Just as important, shifting concepts of gender, race, ethnicity, environmental change, and empire have all shaped Indian Ocean African societies. These themes deserve consideration not only in comparison with other world regions, but also because forms of interaction, exchange, and alienation have engendered littoral societies with dynamic local identities simultaneously linked to proximate and distant communities.  

The sessions are recorded and will be made available on Youtube.

For more details about the season, visit:

Image Credit: Building Terrain II (2012) Digital C-type print by Naiza Khan

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December 15-17 2022 the Africa Institute Reimagining Mobilities/ Immobilities in the Indian Ocean with black and white photo of person taking photography, water, boat