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Sooyon Lee

Ph.D. Student in History of Art


My research interests intend to illuminate employed visual languages of East Asian artists derived from digital and electronic media in order to engage with the everyday reality of life amidst the socioeconomic transformations in late 1990s and 2000s. The research explores the conditions of the society that artists reside in and how induction of new media facilitates the generation of visual languages in the globalized context of art world networks.

I received BA in Linguistics and MA in art history from Seoul National University. From 2008 to 2015,  

I have been working as a curator of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea(MMCA) and organized various exhibitions: Out of the Silent Planet(2010) first media collection show in MMCA, Public Project Cheonggye(2011), Art of Communication: Anri Sala, Yang Ah Ham, Philippe Parreno, Jorge Pardo(2011), performance exhibition with Hayward Gallery in London Move(2012) and 3-year project of Germany-Korea Korea-NRW International Art and Artists Exchange Program(2013).


  • History of Art and Visual Studies