ARTH Class of 2021

Fri, 05/28/2021

Congratulations to the History of Art and Visual Studies class of 2021! An incredible group undeterred by the challenges of their final semesters. We wish you all the very best!

December '20 Phd Students:

Elizabeth Emrich-Rougé

Betty Hensellek

Kaja Tally-Schumacher

Dec. '20 & May '21 Undergraduate History of Art Majors:

Rebecca Allen

Maile Cowell

Isabella Dobson*

Gwyneth Haidar

Kevin Jiang

Hae Bin Kim*

Skye Levy

Gulnara Sadowski

Mariana Seibold*

Cindy Shen

*awarded History of Art Leadership or Sampson prize (details below).

History of Art Minors:

Maria Moreno Arriola

Olivia Breibart

You Min Choi

Zeke Estes

Natalia Gulick

Oona McCormack

Ariel Noh

Carson Sheinberg

Chloe Shores

Harper Tooch

Jonathan Wang

Visual Studies Minors:

Maile Cowell

Courtney Xu

Elizabeth Emrich-Rougé PhD ’20 defended her thesis Printing Art: An Expanded History of Modern Woodblock Printmaking in Republican-Era China in September of ’20. During her time as a graduate student in the History of Art Department at Cornell Liz has been conducted field research in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong under three fellowships. She served as Curatorial Assistant for Asian Art at the Johnson Museum for two years during her studies. She currently lives in England and has several presentations at conferences upcoming including at the Conference for East Asian Comics and the European Association of Asian Art.

Liz Emrich-Rouge

Betty Hensellek PhD ’20 earned her degree with a dissertation entitled The Age of the Polychrome Kaftan: Sartorial Systems of Central Eurasia (400-900 CE). While at Cornell, she published her work in academic journals as well as for museum exhibitions and accessible online platforms. She created, a digital catalog of 3rd- to 13th-century Iranian and Central Asian silver vessels found in hoards across northern Asia. During her time in the graduate program she was a Fellow in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and visiting researcher at other several institutions. She conducted field research in Iran, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan and worked on archaeological excavations in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. 

Betty Hensellek

Kaja Tally-Schumacher’s PhD ’20, dissertation is titled Cultivating Empire in Ancient Roman Gardens: Unearthing the Tangled Relationship between Plants and their Gardeners. She worked on archaeological excavations in Pompeii, Italy as Assistant Director, as well as working at several other excavation sites in Italy. She co-organized a panel and presented at CAA, has presented at the Archaeological Institute of America and the Institute of Fine Arts Frick Symposium among others. Kaja has been awarded a post-doctoral Fellowship at the Humanities Scholar Program here at Cornell for next year (article on Kaja's fellowship).

Kaja Tally-Schumacher

Maile Cowell served as President of the History of Art Club and raced on the Cornell Ski Team. She studied at Sotheby’s in London in 2020. She interned in Colorado and California and hopes to work with art in New York City after graduation.

Maile Study abroad

Isabella Dobson is the recipient of the department’s Frances Sampson Fine Arts Prize.

Kevin Jiang participated in extracurricular activities including The Wardrobe at Cornell, Cornell Marketing, and International Student Union. He interned at L’Oréal, Cabine Creative and several others in China including Vogue (China). After graduation Kevin will work as Pépinière Management Trainee at L'Oréal, focusing on marketing.

Kevin Jiang

Skye Levy double majored in History of art and Economics. She had four different internships in New York City one at Jefferies where post-graduation Skye will be working in NYC doing sales and trading on the Fixed Income floor, specifically the distressed debt desk. Skye participated in an experimental class creating an online exhibition. The Power of Portrayal: Envisioning Women's Representation ( An Arts & Sciences article written about the project.

Skye Levy

Hae Bin (Dorothy) Kim earned her B.A. in History of Art and Comparative Literature in December 2020. She has worked at galleries and non-profit art spaces in Seoul and New York City between her studies. Following graduation, she plans to start a Master's program in History of Art this fall. Hae Bin is the recipient of the department’s Frances Sampson Fine Arts Prize.

Hae Bin Kim

Mariana Seibold is the recipient of the History of Art’s Alumni Distinguished Leadership Award. She studied abroad in Ireland and interned at the H. F. Johnson Art Museum on campus. She worked on the Watermark Identification in Rembrandt’s Etchings (WIRE) project with the Johnson Art Museum. Mariana was featured as an “Extraordinary Journey” by the College of Arts & Sciences. After graduation Mariana will be pursuing a Masters in History of Art at The Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Mariana Seibold
Maile in cap and gown