ARTH 4353/6353 Corinth, An Ancient Metropolis - Spring 2018

Sat, 08/23/2014

Spring 2018

ARTH 4353/6353

(also ARKEO 4353/6353, CLASS 4755/7755)

A. Alexandridis, B. Anderson

Permission of instructor required

This traveling seminar explores the history and archaeology of one of the largest metropoleis of the ancient world. Straddling the Peloponnese and mainland Greece, Corinth was part of several empires. A major harbor city, it attracted immigrants from all over the Mediterranean. An urban center from prehistory through the middle ages, it housed major pagan, Christian and Muslim sanctuaries and religious venues. The excavations offer unique insight into an ancient city’s urbanism, infrastructure, civic, religious and private life in the longue durée; and into the inner workings of empires.