ARTH 4305 Looking for Love - SPRING 20

Mon, 10/21/2019


4305 Looking for Love: Visual and Literary Cultures of Love in the Medieval Mediterranean, 1100 – 1400AD (NES 4795)

C. Robinson              

Lecture M 2:30 – 4:25

A comparative and interdisciplinary seminar whose focus is the visual world created by the pan-Mediterranean (Iberian Peninsula, Maghreb, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and Persia) culture of “Courtly Love” beginning during the 11th century ad, and continuing as a principle factor in medieval cultural production for the remainder of the period. Particular attention will be paid to the ways in which the visual dimensions of this culture nuance, compliment, contradict, or at times even exist independently of, its oral and written spheres. Reading knowledge of any Romance or Semitic language and/or Persian, in addition to English, is highly advantageous.

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