ARTH 1100 Art Histories: An Introduction - Fall 2018

Tue, 04/10/2018

ARTH 1100 Art Histories: An Introduction

Topic for Fall 2018: World Art, Technology, and the Environment

M. Fernandez

M/W 2:55-4:10


This lecture course introduces students to the History of Art as a global and interdisciplinary field. Team-taught by several professors from the department in collaboration with educators and curators from the Herbert Johnson Museum of Art, its aim is to familiarize students with the most significant areas, epochs and works of art as well as with methods to study them. The course will be organized around specific themes central to the history of art. The topic for 2018 is “World Art, Technology, and the Environment.” This theme will examine the intersections of art, technology, and the environment from antiquity to the present in various geographical areas and illustrate their interdependence with material examples from the art historical archive. Art works include stone and brick architecture; cement; textiles; stone, bronze and plaster sculpture; oil paintings; prints; photography; film and digital media.

ARTH 1100 Maria Fernandez