ARTH - 4035 - Material Money: Ancient Coins

Wed, 04/22/2020

ARTH 4035 Material Money: Ancient Coins (SHUM 4035)

***currently, PT, in-person until Thanksgiving break***

A. Alexandridis

T 11:30 - 1:25 *Tentative*



Commonly understood as currency, coins are also a medium of exchange, of communication, of power and authority on practical and symbolic levels. As such they provide a host of historical, socio-political, economic, ideological and artistic data. They also express and forge identities. The interplay of image, text, and materiality offers an excellent framework within which to study how coins operated between the single person and society at large with all the various transactions this entailed. – In this tutorial, students learn to identify, classify and interpret single coins from our collection. They will complete and update the already existing database. Finally, they will help preparing an exhibition on ancient coins and identity to be shown at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum in spring of 2021.

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