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History of Art

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Benjamin Anderson

Indonesian Clay Dolls

The dream and lies of franco

Detail: The Dream and Lie of Franco


Fields in the Month of June

Amazon Cast Danielle Mericle


Detail: Aids for the Deaf


Detail: Battle between the conquering Mongols and the Muslim population of Iran


Detail: Beyond the Taj


Detail: Eave hanging (ider-ider) with scenes from Butterfly L

japan detail

Detail: Three Laughers of the Tiger Glen


Detail: Le Ventre Legislatif


Detail: El Regreso del Canibal Macrobiotico


Forgotten Dream


Detail: Moche Panel Fragment with Four Figur

sea gods

Detail: Battle of the Sea Gods

Tapestry by Pieter van Aelst

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Benjamin Anderson

Assistant Professor

room: Goldwin Smith Hall, G35B
phone: 607-255-2176

Ben Anderson


Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College

Graduate Fields:

History of Art
Medieval Studies
Near Eastern Studies

Research Overview

Research interests include the history of late antique and Byzantine art, the topography of late antique and medieval Constantinople, later medieval architecture of Anatolia with a focus on the fourteenth century, and the history of art history. A book manuscript in progress (Cosmos and community in early medieval art) addresses the reception of ancient techniques for imaging the cosmos in Carolingian, Byzantine, and Umayyad art.

Courses Taught

ARTH 3226 Art of Late Antiquity
ARTH 3270 Constantinople / Istanbul, 330-1556
ARTH 4100 Proseminar – Introduction to Methods
ARTH 4350/6350 Propaganda and Its Discontents
ARTH 4351/6351 Problems in Byzantine Art (topics have included “Byzantine Iconoclasm” and “Hagia Sophia”)
ARTH 4352/6352 Medieval Cosmologies: Text, Image, and Music

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

“The complex of Elwan Čelebi: problems in fourteenth-century architecture,” Muqarnas 31 (2014) [forthcoming].

"Classified knowledge: the epistemology of statuary in the Parastaseis Syntomoi Chronikai," Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 35 (2011), 1-19.

"Leo III and the Anemodoulion," Byzantinische Zeitschrift 104 (2011), 41-54.

Invited lectures (since 2012)

“The efficacy of Byzantine statues between practice and theory.” 28-29 March 2014, Medieval Art History after the Interdisciplinary Turn, University of Notre Dame.

“‘We don’t know where the palace is’: topography and alienation in late antique Constantinople.” 6-8 March 2014, Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Tennessee.

“Byzantine statue magic: decline, difference, demons, Denkraum.” 25 November 2013, History of Art Research Workshop, Cornell University.

“Problems in fourteenth-century Anatolian architecture.” 7 October 2013, Colloquium in Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University.

“The right to interpret.” 19 April 2013, New Antiquity III: Conditions of Visibility, Clark Art Institute.

“How to use the zodiac.” 15 March 2013, Conference on Maps and Diagrams, Index of Christian Art, Princeton University.

“The disappearing imperial statue: towards a social approach.” 3 October 2012, Classics Colloquium Series, Cornell University.

“Scarcity and abundance: Byzantine and Carolingian images of the Ptolemaic cosmos.” 8 February 2012, Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University.

Conference presentations (since 2012)

“Population density and social stratification in fifth-century Constantinople.” 31 October – 3 November 2013, 39th Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, Yale University.

“Indigenous archaeologies of Ottoman Anatolia: decolonizing ‘spolia’.” 13 February 2012, Panel on “Interventions into Postcolonialism and Beyond,” 101st Annual Conference of the College Art Association, New York, NY.