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History of Art

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History of Art

Indonesian Clay Dolls

The dream and lies of franco

Detail: The Dream and Lie of Franco


Fields in the Month of June

Amazon Cast Danielle Mericle


Detail: Aids for the Deaf


Detail: Battle between the conquering Mongols and the Muslim population of Iran


Detail: Beyond the Taj


Detail: Eave hanging (ider-ider) with scenes from Butterfly L

japan detail

Detail: Three Laughers of the Tiger Glen


Detail: Le Ventre Legislatif


Detail: El Regreso del Canibal Macrobiotico


Forgotten Dream


Detail: Moche Panel Fragment with Four Figur

sea gods

Detail: Battle of the Sea Gods

Tapestry by Pieter van Aelst

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History of Art at Cornell

Study in the Department of the History of Art crosses not only boundaries of geography and academic disciplines, but also of time as it integrates traditional history of art with more recent fields of theory and research. Read More

Italian Theatre

Books and Publications by Our Faculty

Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Cheryl Finley

Between 1501 and 1867, the transatlantic slave trade claimed an estimated 12.5 million Africans and involved almost every country with an Atlantic coastline. In this extraordinary book, two leading historians have created the first comprehensive, up-to-date atlas on this 350-year history of kidnapping and coercion.

Iftikhar Dadi, keynote speaker at Haus der Kunst International Conference: “Postwar—Art between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945-1965″


Conceived as an in-depth study of the postwar period, the four-day international conference, “Postwar—Art between the Pacific and Atlantic, 1945–1965″ shifts from a Western/European vantage point to redirect attention to a multifocal and polyphonic history of art since 1945. Read the full story at or

Risking Self & Space

Kaja M. McGowan Article

 What Kind (Kim) of Human Being (Nara)? Teaching the History of Southeast Asian Art, One Travel Story at a Time (Professor Kaja M. McGowan)  Read the full article here.

Grad students create lifelike 'Roman' funeral masks

Roman Funeral Masks

Making lifelike wax molds of their own faces to replicate Roman funeral masks, Cornell researchers explored the significance of materials in the ancient practice of remembering deceased ancestors. Read the full story here.

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Visual Studies Minor

Encouraging the interpretation of the historical and contemporary visual world from diverse perspectives, including architecture, art, cinema, digital media, gender, globalization, performance, popular culture, print and electronic media, race, social institutions, and scientific developments. Learn More