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Indonesian Clay Dolls

The dream and lies of franco

Detail: The Dream and Lie of Franco


Fields in the Month of June

Amazon Cast Danielle Mericle


Detail: Aids for the Deaf


Detail: Battle between the conquering Mongols and the Muslim population of Iran


Detail: Beyond the Taj


Detail: Eave hanging (ider-ider) with scenes from Butterfly L

japan detail

Detail: Three Laughers of the Tiger Glen


Detail: Le Ventre Legislatif


Detail: El Regreso del Canibal Macrobiotico


Forgotten Dream


Detail: Moche Panel Fragment with Four Figur

sea gods

Detail: Battle of the Sea Gods

Tapestry by Pieter van Aelst

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Graduate Symposium - (In)Appropriated Bodies - Fall 2012 : Nov 16

A.D. White House, Open to the Public

Friday, Nov. 16

5:00 pm - Keynote Speaker - Amelia Jones
Professor & Grierson Chair in Visual Culture, McGill University
Queering Performance and Performing Queer: The "Inappropriate" Performances of Nao Bustamante

Saturday, Nov. 17

9-10:30 am - (In)Appropriated Female Bodies

Amanda Beresford - Troublesome Breasts: Michelangelo's "Night" and the Iconography of the Medici Chapel

Lara Schweller - On Teeth: Embodiment in the Art of Suzanne Lacy, Jay Defeo, and Louise Bourgeois

Katherine Korroch - Trickle, Splash, Shoot: Chang Jia's Standing Up Peeing

10:45 am-12:15 pm - (In)Appropriated Masculinities

Cheryl Harper - Peeping at Tom: Deciphering the Body of Wesselmann in the First Decade of Work

Erin Lehman - Appropriating La Toilette: Contextualizing Gustave Caillebotte's Male Bathers

Syantani Chatterjee - Troubling Gender in Bharatanatyam: The Practice of the Self in Padam Performance by Male Dancers

1:30-3:00 pm - (In)Appropriated Institutions

Kaia Magnusen - Death, Dance and Decay in the Weimar Republic: Otto Dix's Bildnis der Tanzerin Anita Berber

Chu Chiun Wei - Contextualizing the Performance Art of Tehching Hsieh and Chen Chieh-Jen in Taiwan's Martial Law Era

Katherine Kerrigan - Satirical Dissections: Jimmie Durham's Displays of Fake Indian Artifacts, Body Parts, and Expeditionary Souvenirs

3:15-4:45 pm - (In)Appropriated Violence

Juan C.G. Hernandez - Drawing Mutilations and Dissecting Bodies: Re-Appropriating Simulacra

Lauren C. Richman - Theatrical Violence & Emotional Rupture: Christian Boltanski's Short Films, Paris 1968-1971

Shyla Foster - Postfeminist Appropriation in Buffy the Vampire Slayer