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Amazon Cast Danielle Mericle


Detail: Aids for the Deaf

Indonesian Clay Dolls

Tapestry by Pieter van Aelst


Detail: Battle between the conquering Mongols and the Muslim population of Iran


Detail: Beyond the Taj


Detail: Eave hanging (ider-ider) with scenes from Butterfly L

japan detail

Detail: Three Laughers of the Tiger Glen


Detail: Le Ventre Legislatif


Detail: El Regreso del Canibal Macrobiotico


Forgotten Dream


Detail: Moche Panel Fragment with Four Figur

sea gods

Detail: Battle of the Sea Gods

The dream and lies of franco

Detail: The Dream and Lie of Franco


Fields in the Month of June

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Graduate Symposium - What About the Gaze? - Fall 2011 : Nov 04

Friday, Nov. 4

3 pm - Opening Remarks
3:30-4 pm - Topping the Archive

Armando Garcia - The Erotics of Conquest: Rehearsing the Archives of Colonial Violence

Kristen Gaylord - A Royal Queer: Hatshepsut's Statuary and Ancient Egyptian Gender

Natasha Bissonauth - Performing Survival: Dayanita Singh, Myself, Mona Ahmed, and the Photographic Event

5:15 pm - Keynote Speaker - Chitra Ganesh (Visual Artist, NY)
7 pm - Reception

Saturday, Nov. 5

9-10:30 am - Negotiating Space

Tara Burk - Lesbian Chic My Ass: Fierce Pussy and the Politics of Queer Visibility in New York City, 1991-1994

Aliza Shvarts - Fake Blood: The Aesthetics of Queer Kinship

Christopher Smith - Seeing Isaac Julien's "Sound Clash" / The Audibility of Queer Diasporas

10:45 am-12:15 pm - Dissent: F#@K the Popo!

Sophie Halart - Embodying the Queer Gaze: Artistic Interventions in Pinochet's Chile

Leon Hilton - No Promises/No Demands: Roni Horn's Gestural Nonsovereignty

Gina Diaz: Querying Queer Chicana Indigenist Visual Culture: Marginal Eyes and the Performance of Resistance

1:30-3 pm - Play/Pretend/Practice

Ali Singer - Blurring the Binaries and Challenging the Debate: Richard Bruce Nugent and the Harlem Renaissance

John Stadler - Sex Without Identity: The Anti-Mimetic Intervention of Gay-for-Pay Pornography

Vivan Huang - Only the Lonely: Laurel Nakadate, the Kantian Recluse and Disinterested Love

Graduate Student Symposium 2011..